Dany Solanki

An Author, Emotionally Connected To Everything Which Relates With The Words

Dany Solanki has almost finished his first romance novel, I KNEW WE WILL MEET (maybe in heaven or hell, or in dreams) at the age twenty-three.

However, it all started a long time ago, from that same classroom where we usually find our first love, to the dreams where we all end. So he thought to give those feelings a life by making them alive on the papers, or writing about girls seemed a way easier than actually talking to them.

Well, whatever the reason was, it began four years back, when he was completing his B.Tech from NIT Agartala, and bunking the classes regularly just to plot, write and complete this romance fiction.

At the age of 23, Dany Solanki has written a melodious Rajasthani song, SAHEB JI

He also runs a blog, PlayersTome, where he writes about personal biographies, affiliate item reviews, sports tips, about live events and much more facts and articles related to sports.

If he is not working on this stuff, you will find him, messing with some words to increase the count of his poetries which has crossed the mark of twenty this week, watching love stories, and indulging into his unhealthy addiction to PC games.

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Coming Soon

A Romance Fiction - I KNEW WE WILL MEET (maybe in heaven or hell or in dreams)

My first novel entitled, “I KNEW WE WILL MEET”, with the tagline, “maybe in heaven or hell, or in dreams”, is a love story inspired by our belief, and every worthless effort we put to get back to those who have already been long gone from our life.


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