Results And The Comparison

results and the comparison

Society adds more in the pressure-filled educational system

The educational session has ended, Results are being relieved by respective central and state boards. So how far have you reached in this compulsory race of life? Passed 10th? Or 12th? Or Stuck Somewhere?

Wherever we are, we can’t ever celebrate the happiness of going one step further in our respective career. Before we could decide the stream we want to study after 10th, which college we want after the completion of high school, we used to through in the process of comparison.

Results And The Comparison
Comparison destroys the creativity

And it’s not a normal one, a fish used to compare with a monkey, a bird used to with a snake, an average boy or girl who apart from studying is good in painting or dancing used to compare with a topper who has never ever seen anything except the thick educational books.

A fish can swim but a monkey cannot, a monkey can jump and explore the trees but a fish can’t even get out of the water. Both are different, having different capabilities, and instead of getting compared, they should be praised because of their own specialities.

If we are talking about Animals, then our life is the same as a donkey. The entire year, we carry those heavy books on our back (the weight of some kid’s bag is found close to themselves) and after the final term, we reach to the final destination.

Smart Books can be thin

After getting to the goals donkeys used to praise by their owners with some green grass to feed which is also not even in our luck. Some relatives, so-called neighbours hunt us with the missile of comparison.

Comparison from Sharma Ji ka ladka, from Gupta Ji ki ladki, but holy shit, this time they both will be hunted down by Shukla Ji as their daughter topped the CBSE 12th board exams in all over India. And my bad luck that I have read that girl’s interview which actually made me write this article.

She was sad that she lost one mark scoring 499 out of 500. And to get that one mark back, she applied for the re-evaluation. You know why? Because she was not the only one topper, another girl also scored 499. And I guess, she was not happy to share that topper seat with anybody else.

Believe me, folks, I am glad that I am not like these toppers, if they will become IAS in future, I will say, sister, please forgive me, I am fine here. From enjoying a sip of coffee to making my fingers dance on the keyboard on the music whatever my heart croon, this happiness is not less than being the topper of class, town, district, state or country.

results and the comparison
Read To Explore

Study, but not to top, to enjoy, to explore, for the knowledge and interest. And manage time for that one thing you love to do, as I write, you sing, dance, travel, play any kind of sport, do whatever you want to do but don’t waste your life, don’t waste these moments you can live to explore the nature, and the beauty of this planet.

It’s okay to score low grades, it’s okay not to top the class, it’s okay to do what you love to do.

Believe me, doing what you love will add on the smiley curves on your lips because a sheet of paper, or some mathematical numbers can never decide your future.

And you know what guys, here is a fact nobody will tell you about, those who score 99%, 98%, 97%, 96%, 95% will get hired in future by those who have scored 50 to 70 %.

results and the comparison
A Guy with 60% can hire a person with 99% in Board Exams

Shocked??? Here is the logical explanation on this, “what is the difference between a 99 % person and a 60%. The one who got 99% obviously has studied all of his/her time and will get to the college for higher education. The one who scored 60% will manage his/her time for other activities as well which will help them out to find what the thing they love to do is. And what they need to do to make their career in that line where the race will not be as much tougher as to fight a govt exam.”

The logic of writing this article is not for criticising the toppers, you all performed well in the exams and surely deserves rounds of applause. This piece of my writing is for those who struggled in the exams or they didn’t get the expected results.

It’s okay to get low marks in some subjects, okay to come second, third, fourth from the top and bottom as well. It is okay to be mediocre in what you never loved to do at all. And if you have failed, which means the study is not loved you, find what loves you and love them back is the only secret to live happily ever after. More than 75% millionaires and billionaires are schools or college dropout, they don’t even any kind of degree but they have hired many IIT and IIM graduates, and have said them to be on time.

So, I will put my pen down with a great piece of advice I got from my father

Ask yourself, after ten years from now, where you want to be? And then, think that has it any connection with your 10th or 12th mark sheet? And if it has, then study hard, but it’s not, move on, and achieve what’s yours.

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Results And The Comparison

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