“Umeed” – A Girl Who Replies

A wonderful evening, the sun was going down to the horizon, when the bus in which I was travelling heading towards Jaipur. Music was crooning in the earplugs, while winds were caressing my hair, I saw a little girl sitting on the second seat from the front. She was playing with winds, her tiny palms were outside, and she was trying to catch those invisible airwaves. Her eyes were exploring the sunset, and the green trees beside the roads, going behind.

She was enjoying nature, and trees passing by.

I smiled seeing her. Maybe, because she was damn cute, and the act she was performing, adding more in that cuteness.

At sudden, someone who was sitting just behind that girl, an aged man slide that window glass to the front without even worrying about her fingers which could hurt if she herself didn’t pull them inside.

Obviously, every contact of that little girl with nature, with the cold air, had been broken. Now she was glaring that uncle, but instead of showing a smile, he too glared at her. And She got scared.

She turned to her mother, sitting beside, and asked for help. She explained the entire fight that uncle started just because of window glass to make it fully open from his side. Although, it was designed to be shared by both of the persons.

Her mother also glared at him, but instead of facing those eyes, he turned towards the sunset and ignored that lady was demanding for the basic right her daughter should have to live a happy and peaceful life in the society.

But when he didn’t turn back, that lady turned forward and said her daughter to adjust.

“Adjust???”, that cutie questioned.

But her mother didn’t reply. Because she didn’t have a single word to explain this theory of adjustment. She was also taught to adjust, adjust for the dreams she had, adjustment for the values, for the job, for the life, for the families, and for every wrong step taken in this society regarding the exploitation of females.

Society will do, what you allow them to do…, So please take a stand

But how could that little girl understand, after all, she was the lady of the modern era. She never wanted to adjust, she believed in actions, actions for the betterment of her future, for her basic rights, and needs.

So, she stood up from the seat, put both of her palms of the padlock of the glass, and pulled it back. She then turned back to that khadus uncle, and glared him, as if she was saying, “It’s enough! Now we will not adjust, we will make a step towards the right, and lift our voice for the wrong. So, just sit back, and let me enjoy this amazing sunset gifted with nature’s splendour.”

I smiled, from that distance, closed my happy eyes, and looked outside to enjoy the most amazing sunset I ever had.

When we reached to Jaipur, that girl stepped down from the bus, and running towards her father who came to receive her, but to prevent her daughter to get hurt, Her mom called her, “Umeed, be careful. don’t run to fast.”

And believe me folks, she was really a “Umeed.”

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“Umeed” – A Girl Who Replies

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  1. Very beautiful way of story telling, specially the little little things you touched was mind blowing, i could easily visualize this short story as some beautiful video clip in my mind because of your selection of words.

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